Raw materials and know how

The raw materials are selected from the beginning, and their quality is certified even before entering the production cycle of the Marche's foundries. The main industrial centre of supplies is Brescia, known for being a leader in the aluminum and light alloys area of the market.

The quality of FIPILL products is evidenced by the hardness of the aluminum alloys used for the pulleys. Normally, the HRC (Rockwell Index used for hardness testing of materials) for aluminum pulleys has a value ranging between 40 and 60. However, the FIPILL aluminum pulleys are produced with hardness indices that ranging between 55 and 70. A further component of a company's strength is the FIPILL aluminum, that through a hard oxidation treatment further increases its hardness and durability.

This difference is the result of special production methods that, combined with the quality of materials, provide exceptional and exclusive production. The particular methods applied to the production of pulleys, and not only, enriches the wealth of experience that is normally referred to as know-how.

The set of techniques and methodologies used by the foundry, in the processing of raw materials, is a unique entrepreneurial virtue that enabled the company to keep pace with the times and resist on a highly competitive market that is also in a crisis period.