The market size

The target market is primarily Italian. In fact, one of the biggest chunk of FIPILL production is absorbed by the internal market, which stood at 60% of the total goods produced. The remaining 40% is distributed on the international market. Specifically, this highlights that 85% of exports is absorbed by the old continent.

In France and Spain it is concentrated a large slice of the foreign market. In the second place, as exports, there are the northern European countries, among which Russia is included.

Bringing up the rear of exports there is Johannesburg (South Africa). The data show a segmented expansion strategy on the major foreign industrial nodes, whether they have already established that in the process of expansion. It is clear that marketing operations undertaken by FIPILL tend, on the one hand, to become the benchmark of the markets in which operate the giants of the steel industry, and then became a point of reference and undisputed leader in emerging markets.

In short, FIPILL holds the pace in Europe, while the goal is to capture the primates in Russia and South Africa. Any access to the Chinese market could take place within the next five years, considering the subsidiaries of Italian companies and Chinese subsidiaries. The element of the success of FIPILL on the export market is due to the flexibility of the production line.

The flexibility of production cycles is a key element that determines the success of any strategy. The flexibility of this company of the Marche Region is embodied in the great capacity for meeting customers' needs and be able to implement the proposed solutions very quickly, at low cost and, above all, in a unique way. The exclusivity of the products lies not only in product design, but also in the ability to produce the best designed metal alloys for specific functionality.

The positive trend of exports is guaranteed by a dense network of collaboration with companies, Italian and foreign, operating in various and diverse areas of the industry. Among the FIPILL partnership it is included the Brammer.